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We create applications that understand you. No complicated interface, only simple and effective applications

We understand that the greatest need for any company management is to focus on customer services. With this understanding, SalesFoster strives to be a leading innovative industrial IT service provider by developing creative new solutions, thus enabling any professionals to”Get Connected“to their working environment electronically.

“Getting Connected” electronically will transform your business into on demand business that improve the efficiency of managing business, thus giving more time for professionals to focus their attention on customer service and ultimately improve the business profitability.

Our Mission

To help our clients meet the complex needs of business growth with solutions and services delivered in a manner that builds dynamic, lasting client relationships; produces a sustainable, competitive return for our shareholders; and creates a challenging and rewarding work experience for our employee team.

Our Vision

  • We strive to become a highly respected, leading software development firm developing and deploying innovative software solutions as valuable sector-leading services.
  • Making SalesFoster the Leading Pioneer in technology and software applications industry
  • Reaching out to Malaysia's SMEs & corporates to utilize and digitize work process to be more competitive



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