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SalesFoster RFID Series:
RFID Tracking System

SalesFoster's RFID technology provides a hands-free access control solution with many advantages over traditional access control badges and systems.
With conventional systems, such as bar code, magnetic stripe, and proximity readers, user must handle the badge and place it close to (7-30 centimeters; 3-12 inches), or make physical contact with the reader. SalesFoster's unique RFID access control technology allows the user to enjoy complete hands free access control. Our access badge can be read up to 5 (~16 feet) meters from the RFID reader, which usually eliminates the need to handle the badge or walk very close to the reader.

This freedom is particularly important to handicapped workers, when carrying packages, and during inclement weather.To make installation simple, many models of SalesFoster's RFID readers can connect to the access control computer through wireless communications. This eliminates the need for long wiring runs and allows a reader to be easily re-positioned or moved as needs change.

The SalesFoster RFID access control system can report any unauthorized access and issue an alert to the host software. In addition, it can be used to trigger cameras and video recorders in order to capture unauthorized or authorized access in real-time.

Benefits of using SalesFoster RFID Security Access System

Whether tracking inventory in warehouse or security access, there is a clear need for a fully automated data capture and analysis system that will help you keep track of your valuable assets and equipment. ...

  • Provides an access control solution that is truly hands-free and unencumbered
  • Badges can be read up to 5 meters (~16 feet) from the access control doorway or portal
  • Installation is easy, thanks to the wireless communications between SalesFoster's RFID readers and the host computer
  • Allows surveillance cameras and video recording equipment to be triggered when certain user-specified RFID events occur.
  • SalesFoster's RFID tracker software allows RFID asset tags to be linked with the owner's access control badge to control movement of critical and high-value items into, out of, and within the facility