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SalesFoster RFID Series:
Fostercode Tracking for Car Spare Parts sales

One of the most important components of operating a successful jewelry store is an effective stocking taking system. With the increasing demand to maintain the standards of operations in jewellery industry which is mainly concern with;

- Quick and Accurate Stock Taking,
- Automated Billing and Integration with existing POS
- Improve loss prevention

RFID technology is quickly becoming a popular choice since the advancement in technology makes a variety of solutions available to any organization. Furthermore, multiple RFID tags can be read all at the same time. Information about jewellery inventory can be easily and efficiently monitored.

SalesFoster RFID jewellery management system can provide an easy and efficient stock taking and POS solution. RFID tags can be read quickly in a fraction of a second than other traditional technologies and the embedded electronic information for each tag can be over-written repeatedly. The non line of sight reading and capability of multi tag reading enables RFID for fast and accurate stock taking & POS.

Benefits of using SalesFoster RFID Warehouse Management

Jewelleries are expensive luxury items - there is a clear need for a fully automated and product tracking system to help you to keep track of your valuable assets.

  • RFID near-field technology allows close and accurate monitoring and tracking
  • Incorporate to normal display showing procedure without impacting sales process
    Automated inventory tracking & monitoring in real-time basis
  • Accurate and replaces time-consuming manual process
  • Provide very high accuracy rate for item-level product/asset monitoring
  • Flexible to be installed under display box, safe, and shelf
  • No impact to normal merchandising processVarious type of valuable Tracking Tags in different form factors, suitable to embed onto price tags, hang-tags or any housing
  • Customization possible for jewellery outlets, goldsmiths and pawnshops in large/small scale implementation