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Foster Software Project Recovery Plan

If you're experiencing large project time and/or cost overruns, unhappy with the quality of the deliverables or finding communication with your team difficult, then you might want to consider our project recovery services.

Projects can fail for several reasons, including poorly defined and understood requirements, unrealistic schedules, inappropriate staffing, excessive change during development, poor quality work and unforeseen software glitches. Therefore, because of so many cases like such, software development industry in Malaysia faced serious integrity damages.

To address budget and schedule overruns, it's important to enter the project recovery phase as soon as possible. If you happens to be one of the victims, don't worry because you have found us.

SalesFoster had been experienced in resuming suspended IT projects; due to project execution failure or discontinued vendor supports. And because of years of experience in this, we have enough resources and expertise to re-manage pending projects; from restructuring to bugs fixing. By engaging us as the new vendor, SalesFoster can continute to solve the problems without needing to refer to previous failed vendors.

Revive your project, align them back with your business objective

When engaged to help recover a project our task is to:

  • Take control and manage the project
  • Re-establish the goal & technical objectives
  • Identify the issues and bottlenecks
  • Replan for reality & Reset expectations
  • Implement, monitor and review
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate