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SalesFoster RFID Series:
Warehouse Management System

RFID in supply chain management has the capacity to revolutionise global logistic chains and improve overall efficiency by automating the identification processes. Major retailers and their suppliers are already tagging pallets, cases and other returnable transport items (RTIs) like plastic crates used for fresh foods.

Incorporating RFID into garment labels, or even into the garment itself, provides a valuable tool for brand owners. An RFID inlay inserted at the point of manufacture can identify the garment’s source, and a unique ID certifies its authenticity. RFID technology makes it possible to identify and control counterfeits. Source identity can also be used to control grey market imports.

Moreover, RFID inlays enable inventory visibility throughout the supply chain reducing shrinkage and out of stocks, critical challenges for the apparel industry.

Benefits of using SalesFoster RFID Warehouse Management

Whether tracking inventory in warehouse or security access, there is a clear need for a fully automated data capture and analysis system that will help you keep track of your valuable assets and equipment. ...

  • Enable effective production/manufacturing monitoring and planning
  • Reduces out of stock or human stock-count error situations
  • Short sales cycles mean products are often marked down quickly
  • Products require frequent replenishment from the back of the store or distribution center
  • Significantly increases product availability
  • Improves customer experience and enables faster service
  • With RFID retailers and brands gain valuable information about the supply chain and inventory, as well as product consumption and cycle speed