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Foster E-Tender and E-Bidding

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Foster E-Tender and E-Bidding system is a business software that can add value and productivities to a number of key areas within an enterprise. From broad perspective, properly configured and utilized software has a positive influence on Tender Project Management and other critical process in an organization.

Foster E-Tender helps to minimize manual delivery of documents, which benefits organizations and suppliers.

By using the latest technology, now they can eliminate the traditional documents distribution process by transferring the document into a dedicated softcopy databank. This databank, will be powered by SalesFoster document management engine that allows multiple user access, digital signature and many fantastic features secured with highest possible security protection.

E-Tender, Increase Productivity

With Foster PowerCheck, you can now maximise working efficiencies of your various departments:

  • IT initiative to increase productivity
  • Save your courier cost
  • Easy to use & saves time.
  • Help optimize your working efficiencies
  • Less hardcopy documents on table & filing cabinets.
  • Minimize storage space
  • Eliminate humam error, no more missing invoices
  • No more faxing required
  • Less paper utilization
  • No more manual searching for legacy documents
  • Making auditing process much easier
  • Dedicated search engine to track invoices