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Foster AP Verify System

Foster AP Verify System is the automated accounts payable software system that puts an end to the inefficiencies of the traditionally paper based and labor intensive AP (AP Verify System) process. The Foster AP Verify System product is a web-based, PO and invoice workflow approval management application which integrates seamlessly with your GL accounting system. Commonly referred to as an e-payables solution, Foster AP Verify System empowers accounting data with automation, digital imaging, and electronic workflow to centralize and aid financial management and control.

In fact, after implementing Foster Foster, our client base reports an average of 63% in cost savings to process invoices and a 65% decrease in the amount of time it takes. Foster AP Verify System transforms your AP department from a cost center into a profit center by providing the technology needed to realize these attainable savings. No more lost invoices, late fees, and duplicate invoice payments and data entry. Eliminate filing, searching, copying, and compiling of paper and the additional staff to do so.

Centralizing and digitizing the AP function offers endless strategic advantages in monitoring and tracking expenditures. Foster AP Verify System detailed search, reporting and approval logs provide the ability to track the status of POs and invoices at any point in the life cycle, and record who touches them and when. Superior to a typical document management system, Foster Foster’ interface enforces spending control by presenting allocated budget vs. actual comparisons down to the line item level. Having real-time data at their fingertips increases the users’ accountability to stay within budget.

Work Out the Accounts the Way You Want

With Foster Foster, you have better control on your AP Verify System process

  • Hassle-Free Payroll - Run payroll anywhere and at any time using internet connected computer.
  • Dashboard enable an easy summary and customization of system status
  • Flexible reporting – having the data displayed in ways the clients need
  • Supporting multi-platform in Windows and Linux environment
  • Forecast of company growth – with unlimited database size with 2 TB indexing capabilities
  • 100% Customizable features & workflow