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SalesFoster RFID Solutions for Vertical Industry

RFID is a new, exciting technology bringing a whole new set of applications in which computing devices will be able to see objects in the world without direct human involvement. To realize these applications, SalesFoster develops cutting-edge systems based on our portfolio of RFID products. We recognize that our customers are often the principal drivers of innovation in RFID applications, which is why SalesFoster's ADG offers consulting services to transform their vision into reality and create sustainable competitive advantage for their company.

We offer services ranging from characterizing tags to design and implementation of complete RFID systems including application software. We have a long track record of successful deployments in the RFID industry in environments ranging from distribution centers to shopping carts and pickup trucks. But don't just take our word for it. Check out our customers' views on our expertise.

No application is too challenging, so if you have outlining your vision for the next killer RFID application, talk to us . We can make it a reality!