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Imagine of wonders that RFID can bring to your business...

SalesFoster systems use RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification technology. Radio frequency (RF) technology is commonly used to transmit and receive information without wires. RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tag systems enable a wide range of security and asset protection and tracking inventory applications.

A single, unified RFID tag system offers a compelling solution for preventing theft and monitoring costly equipment and materials on almost anywhere at any environment.

Why RFID is the next thing you should invest?

Whether tracking inventory in warehouse or security access, there is a clear need for a fully automated data capture and analysis system that will help you keep track of your valuable assets and equipment. ...

Easy read-through anywhere

RFID data easily recognized, no matter how you place them

Holds More Personalized Data

Let your RFID recognize your assets, in much details than just name and price

Durable under any environment

Effectively used in harsh environments exposed to heat, chemichal, etc.

Multiple RFIDs Tags at a time

Ability to use RFIDs to read tags at multiple assets, simultaneously

Programmable Capability

Interchange your data, which bar code can never achieve

Industry-based Integration

Application integration to almost all types of industries, in anyway you like them