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Foster Flexsys Business Intelligence

BI information needs to be available at all times. Business continuity depends on this access, and it allows employees that work from home or are traveling the same access to data as in-office staff. A common problem faced by most organizations, is constraint in retrieving data from multiple sources and variant - making them unable to construct precisice business intelligence data to dicated their business decision-making direction.
Flexsys BI allow organizations to retrieve data from different databases - transforming raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making. BI dashboard interface needs to be customizable, so users can build their own data views and reports to suit their personal taste. This reduces IT involvement in the day-to-day use while on same time able to use computational logic to present information the user very likely wants to see.

With Flexsys BI, you can now initiate, conduct and track conversations without leaving the application, empowering true collaboration and allowing organizations to build their corporate intelligence.

As your business grows, spreadsheets and databases only become more complex and harder to manage.

With Flexsys BI Dashboard, you have better insights about your business

  • WYSIWYG dashboard designer
  • Annotation & notification management
  • Rich set of dashboard elements
  • Role- and cell-based security
  • Dynamic and predefined dashboard filters